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Our Consulting Services

We are a management consulting firm that holds a Controlled Goods Permit from the Canadian Federal Government and employs consultants with security clearance when required.

PGM Solutions serves diverse sectors including IT, Financial, Insurance, Telecom, Energy, Military, Government, Municipal, Imaging, Printing and many others.

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Our Regular Offering Services below

Over time, PGM Solutions built service offerings to match your business needs. We are proud to present the following service offerings below.

Business Strategy

Business Strategy

Imagine you are a CEO. You are beginning to lose market share . Marketing urges you to increase advertising and reduce prices. R&D has high hopes, HR others … What to do?

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Project Management

Program & Project Management

PGM Solutions has extensive experience in providing a total project management service for all types of IT, defence, banking, finance, transportation, manufacturing, show business, healthcare, education and oil and gas projects.

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Customized IT Solutions

Customized IT Solutions

Thinking outside the box, we will design and deliver cost effective and innovative solutions that meet your business needs whatever they may be. Our team of experienced managers will select the best providers or will select the top talents to develop this solution.

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We provide help to become your own boss, take control of your future, and become the master of your destiny.

Operating your own business will gives you the potential to earn more money, in some instances two, five or even ten times.

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